The Inner Garden: Sustainable Breathing for Activists

The Inner Garden: Sustainable Breathing for Activists

Breathing is that basic thing that keeps us going. A recycling process that fuels our bodies’ movements again and again. Yet, there’s little awareness of our breathing when we are in our struggles, be it climate activism, precarious work, queer feminism or just daily care work. Sometimes we forget to breath. How can we connect breathing to what we fight for? In this workshop we will explore deep pelvic floor breathing as a source of empowerment, finding our inner garden.

TRIGGER WARNING: You will be invited to touch the bones of your pelvis, through your clothes. Working with the pelvic area and with pelvic floor breathing can be triggering, depending on your experience, especially if you have a history of sexual abuse. That doesn’t mean you cannot participate in the workshop, you should just be aware that things might come up. If you have any doubts, please contact me: vera.piechulla(ätt)posteo(dot)de

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Samstag (21.09.2019)
Workshopzelt 3

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