Radical change to avert climate crisis (en) [Klimaplan von Unten]

Radical change to avert climate crisis (en) [Klimaplan von Unten]

Samstag 14:00 – 15:30
Radical change to avert climate crisis (en)
mit Tonny Nowshin

Tonny Nowshin is an activist from Bangladesh. She has been mobilizing to save the world’s largest mangrove forest – the Sundarbans – from industrial aggression and coal powerplants. She is also a Degrowth activist. She believes- we need to radically change the way we live on this planet in order to avert the climate crisis we are facing today.

In order to collect ideas for the “peoples climate plan” (Klimaplan von Unten), we’d like to discuss with Tonny how that change would have to look like in a country like germany and meaning of justice in times of looming climate crisis.


Zum Reinhören: Audio mit Tonny Nowshin https://radiocorax.de/tonny-nowshin-suedostasiatische-sicht-auf-klimaschutz-und-bewegung/

Zeitfenster der Veranstaltung (1)

Samstag (21.09.2019)
Klimaplan von Unten
Klimaplan von Unten

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